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Storing Your Garden Hose Safely And Conveniently With A Hose Reel

May 4, 20200

Garden hose is a must-have item for gardeners and people who are a big fan of doing the garden. Keeping your garden hose neat brings convenience for users. Do you know some tips to store it in your garden? 

Some troubles I had when I did not use a hose reel

I had a small garden next to my house and I planted some kinds of flowers and herbs. I watered my plants in the early morning every day. When I cared for my gardens, I used a hose that helped me to bring an even amount of water to the plants. It is easy for me to provide water for my garden by a hose. However, I had trouble to preserve a hose when not in use.

After using it, I put it in the corner of the garden without rolling it. Because the garden hose is long with 30 meters, it looks very messy and occupies a lot of acreage in my garden. Besides, my garden hose quickly appeared cracks and leaked water out. I didn’t know the way to solve this problem until my friend recommended using a hose reel. During a long time used it, I found the hose reel is a great device to store a garden hose.


The unrolled hose makes a mess


A general review about hose reels

A hose reel is a cylindrical device made of plastic, metal, or fiberglass to store a hose. Moreover, it is capable of moving and attaching to a card and a truck. 

There are three common types of hose reels such as hand crank, self-retractable, or motor-driven. 

Hand-crank hose reel has a compact design that does not take up much space in your garden. It includes push shelves made of plastic or metal to help you move easily. The crank can be extended or retracted according to the user’s wishes. When using the crank, you should use a moderate force to avoid affecting the coupling inside the push shelf.

In terms of self-retractable hose reels, they often use spring or water pressure to roll the hose. With a self-retractable hose reel, you do not need to use the force of your hand to roll it. It takes me less amount of time to use and store instead of using a hand-crank hose reel. Also, it is easy for you to pack up after using the hose reel. Actually, a self-retractable hose reel is a great idea for people who want to choose an auto rewind device with a long hose. 

One of the popular hose reels is motor-driven hose reel. This type of hose reel can be named as an automatic retraction hose reel. Unlike with a self-retractable hose reel, a motor-driven hose reel use electrical power to operate. 

Which reasons should you use a hose reel?

Hose reels make your gardening more convenient with many advantages. You will have a lot of free time after taking care of your garden with this extremely effective product. Let’s keep in mind the benefits it brings to choose the best hose reel.

         3.1. Helping a hose be stored neatly

You have a garden and often use hoses or water pipes to water plants, wash the yard, and wash cars. However, long and cumbersome wires make you quite hard every time water the plants or wash the yard because of having to carry and roll the hose after use. When you finish using a garden hose, a hose reel is a convenient device to keep the hose safe. The hose will not make a mess in your garden with a hose reel. You can easily pack up your hose and bring it to your warehouse.

        3.2. Keeping people safe in your garden

An unrolled garden hose is a threat to all of the people’s safety. If your children play in the garden, they can stumble easily when the hose is not rolled. Moreover, it may causes hurts on your children’s bodies. Therefore, choosing a hose reel is a safe choice for all of the gardeners.  

       3.3. Increasing the hose life

During a long time, an outdoor hose will quickly have cracks causing water leakage. Because the garden hose is used to water the garden, wash the yard and wash the car frequently, it is easy to twist and crack when moving a lot. Using a hose reel reduces damage and leaks in the hose so it is an effective way to store your hose.  

        3.4. Saving your time and effort when rolling the hose

If you do not have a hose reel, you need to much time and effort for rolling the hose. With a long hose, gardeners have difficulty to roll and store it. To keep it neat, they will have a hard time using your effort to scroll without any devices.   

Some tips when storing a hose reel

 It is necessary for me to keep your hose reel in a dry place or in a warehouse to avoid unwanted agents such as rocks, sunlight, and water that reduce the hose life. Besides, adding oil to the roller wheel is an effective method for its smooth operation. You should use a hose reel gently to store it well.

Last but not least, considering hose reels is very essential for you to choose the most suitable hose reel. The sooner you use it, the more advantages you will have.




How Often Do Bearded Dragons Eat?

April 27, 2020Tom Lieb0

If you are a beginner of keeping bearded dragons, understanding about proper way to feed them may be a complicated problem for you.

In order to get started with bearded dragons, you have to figure lots of things such as how often do bearded dragons eat, what kind of food can bearded dragons eat and even nutritious and healthy diet for them, etc.

This article will provide you some basic things about bearded dragon diet that all owners should know.

Bearded dragons well-balanced diet

Bearded dragons are omnivores, which means they can eat both plants and animal-based food. Bearded dragons will change their diet on age. Younger dragons need to provide more nutrients to grown, so they will eat 80% of their diet is insects and only 20% of their diet is vegetables.

On the other hand, the adult bearded dragons may have the risk of obesity if they are fed much of insects.

Therefore, adults should eat only 20% of insects and 80% vegetables. The adult dragons also eat less of time than he younger.

Besides, you also need to ensure that do not feed them any food that larger than the gap between their eyes. The large size of food can cause chocked and also hard to digest for them.

How often do baby bearded dragons need to eat?

Under 3 months old bearded dragons need to have the diet rich in protein, they require to be fed 5 times per day with the diet contain much of live feeder than a vegetable.

Babies 3-6 months old should be fed 3-4 times per day and when they reach 6 months old, you should decrease the time of feeding down to 3 times per day.

Letting them eat as many insects as possible. Each meal of them should last for 10-15 minutes. Moreover, ensure that you will remove all the excess food that does not eat around 30 minutes after you feed them.

Note: Putting food directly on the substrate is the wrong thing to do. Even the best bearded dragon substrate has more or less affected their digestive system.

How often do baby bearded dragons need to eat?

In this period of a lifetime, adult bearded dragons almost do not grow anymore. Therefore they will need lees staple source of protein and also lees time of feeding than the babies.

When bearded dragons reach 18 months old, they just need to be fed once per day for every day. Their diet should consist of only 20% protein and the rest part is vegetables. Bearded dragons even can go for a short time without eating.

How to Pick the Best Cannabis Seed Bank

April 19, 20200

Collecting cannabis seeds is one of the most exciting things you can choose to do. Such controversial little beans are among the most available genetically modified organic products, probably just slightly behind the roses. The amazing features, along with the sheer number of different seed strains available, make them one of the most fascinating and overwhelming collections to get started. One of the searches conducted by certain enthusiasts is to try to locate their ideal cannabis seed. The following are tips to choose the best cannabis seed bank.


THC (Tetrahydrocannabinol)

This is the principal psychoactive ingredient found in a fully grown cannabis plant and the THC percentage specified when you look for seeds. Although your seeds won’t contain any real THC, each strain has been engineered to produce a plant with this THC amount reliably. If you’re fortunate enough to live in a country where cultivating cannabis is legal, you can check it. When you’re not, the dream seed can contain high amounts of THC.


Another thing you would like to learn about the best cannabis seed bank is how much weed it will produce if it grows legally. Yield is usually expressed in grams based on the breeder’s average yield. If you want to know that your seed will yield big, this is an attribute you may want to look at.


Choosing a strain isn’t just about important statistics. You find identical amounts of THC and yield on different cannabis plants, so you need to choose a strain you prefer. A useful approach is to look at those who have won legitimate standard awards. The most prestigious is the High Times Cannabis Bowl. Every year they judge what seed bank and what cannabis seed is best of the year. Currently, feminized seeds are potentially the most stringent.


The last thing you would look for in a marijuana seed is how quickly you can distribute it. Your ideal seeds should be distributed free and very discreetly.

Can leopard geckos eat strawberries?

April 7, 20200

If you are want to add some fruits to enrich your leopard geckos diet besides their commercial powder, you may wonder Can leopard geckos eat strawberries or not?

Your leopard gecko can definitely eat strawberries. In fact, your geckos really love to eat that fruit. You can offer strawberries for them on their own or create the mixture contain strawberries with the other suitable fruits.

In this article, we are going to learn about strawberries’ nutritional value and their calcium to phosphorus ration, which made strawberries a favorite fruit of your leopard geckos.

Strawberries do not have bad calcium to phosphorus ratio

If you do not know yet, the ideal ratio between calcium and phosphorus when it comes to food that is recommended for leopard geckos is 2:1. And this ratio in strawberries is nearly equal (1:1).

This ratio is not very bad and it is absolutely fine for leopard geckos can eat strawberries.

Strawberries are not citric fruit

There is a misconception about strawberries is that they are citric. Although they may have an acidic taste, they have a little bit sour but this is not meant that they are citric fruit. They are perfectly fine for your leopard geckos.

On the other hand, Leopard geckos should be avoided far from citric fruits like limes, lemon and oranges. They lead to the upset of leopard gecko’s stomach.

How to offer strawberries for created geckos?

The best way for your crested geckos to eat strawberries is to puree them well or cut them into small pieces before feeding your leopard geckos. In their natural environment, your geckos eat fruits in this way. Leopard geckos also prefer to eat overripe or perhaps even slightly spoiled fruits. It is definitely fine and does not cause any problem for leopard gecko’s digestive systems.

You can also mix strawberries with the other fruits. For example, you can blend strawberries with mangoes, figs, papayas, apples,… and some other suitable fruits and then serve them this mixture.

Does a nano tank need the best nano protein skimmer?

March 31, 2020Tom Lieb0

The nano aquarium fish tanks are becoming more and more popular trends over a few years due to their convenience and they take less of cost and also less of space.

However, keeping smaller tanks mean that they need more care than your traditional sized tanks. You should look for pH balance levels, temperatures and of course, the quality of the water. This is the reason why you will need the best nano protein skimmer. 

What is nano protein skimmer?

Nano protein skimmer plays the same role as the normal best protein skimmers but the different point is that they are specifically designed for handle nano tank (smaller tanks). The normal skimmers use for larger tanks and treat a larger amount of water.

Using these devices, you can easily remove any water pollutants. Which is made of fish waste, food, algae, dead plants, etc. Those things built up on your tank over time and increasing the nitrate, phosphate, ammonia and other harmful chemical levels and also cause the dead is possible for your fish. These dissolved organic also cause the yellow tint for your water.

Besides the work of improving water quality and keeping the levels safe; if you have a nice clean nano tank and placed it on a desk or room, I’m sure that you will want to use the small quite equipment.

How does the protein skimmer work?

The best protein skimmer removes these wastes by producing millions of tiny bubbles in a confined space. The organic waste will get suck on these bubbles. Once this happens, they will rise together to the water surface and end up with brought to the collection area.

Different types of nano protein skimmers will have a little difference in the running process. But at the most general level, this is the main principle at work of a skimmer. Learning well about this will helps you to choose the best nano protein skimmers that work perfectly for your tank.

How to find the best nano protein skimmer?

There is one tip for you to choosing nano skimmers is that you should trust reliable manufacturers, which are known as the other successful aquarium products in the past. Generally, these manufacturers will give you the best warranty in the long time, specific instructions of use, high-quality material, and you can ask them for any question about this skimmer.

Cannabis Seed Banks

March 31, 2020Tom Lieb0

Cannabis seed banks store and ship cannabis seeds to the customers’ door at a fordable price. They offer high-quality cannabis seeds with secure and safe processing. In terms of collection, one of the most exciting things you can choose to collect is hemp seeds. These controversial beans are among the richest genetically engineered organic products available, probably second only to roses. The amazing properties and the sheer number of different seed strains available make them one of the most interesting and difficult collections.

One of the tasks pursued by some collectors is trying to find their ideal hemp seeds. Each strain has a different set of attributes that will be combined to give you the perfect seed to match your taste. Here’s what to look for.

#1 Tetrahydrocannabinol

Tetrahydrocannabinol mostly abbreviates THC stand. This is the main psychoactive ingredient found in fully grown cannabis plants, and when you look for seeds, you see the listed tetrahydrocannabinol percentages. Although your seeds will not contain any actual THC, each strain is carefully designed to produce a plant with this level of THC reliably. If you are lucky enough to live in a country where cannabis is legally grown, you will be able to test it. If not, you will have to choose the perfect seed that will produce a certain level of tetrahydrocannabinol.

#2 Yield

Another thing you may want to know about cannabis seeds is how much cannabis can make if hemp is legally grown. Yield is usually expressed in grams and is derived from the average yield found by the breeder. If you want to know that your seeds can produce high yields, this is one attribute you might want to study.

#3 Strain

However, selection pressure is not just about vital statistics. You find quite similar levels of tetrahydrocannabinol and yield on different cannabis seeds, so you need to choose your favorite strain. A good way to do this is to look at the quality of those who have won legitimate awards. One of the most prestigious, of course, is the high-power hemp cup.

#4 Delivery

The last and most practical way you should look in Cannabis Seed Banks that Ship to the USA is easily delivered to customers. You should expect the best cannabis seed banks to deliver seed for free and with great care.

What are the common types of Bearded dragon lighting?

March 17, 20200


Bearded dragon lighting is an important part that indispensable when setting up a vivarium for your bearded dragon. As we all knew, they come from the dry, hot desert areas of Australian where they can get UVA and UVB radiation naturally by basking under the sun.

Setting up your bearded dragon’s tank with the right lighting is a simple task if you know what is the difference between some types of lighting bulbs.

#1 Fluorescent bulbs

Not any ordinary fluorescent bulb can use for desert reptiles, you should choose the specialist manufactured bulbs. These bulbs can be lengths from 15 inches to 48 inches. Choosing depends on your needs and the size of your vivarium.

We recommend you to buy a fluorescent bulb that length at least 80% of vivarium’s length. In case your vivarium is too long (more than 60 inches), you will need to use two or more than two bulbs to provide enough UV radiation. You also should replace the old bulbs after 6 months of use.

#2 Compact fluorescent bulbs

Compact fluorescent bulbs have become more popular for people who keeping reptile. These bulbs run operate on the same principle with fluorescent bulbs buts but using less energy and more last longer than fluorescent ones.

These types of bulbs have caused some debate about the safety of them. Some users said that the UV light in this bulb may be too high for reptiles, this leads to the possibility of burned their eyes. While the other users were completely satisfied with this kind of lighting.

 #3 Mercury Vapor Bulbs

Mercury vapor bulbs may well be your ideal lighting option because these bulbs provide enough both UVA, UVB, and heat at the same time.

In comparison with fluorescent bulbs, mercury vapor bulbs more durable, you can use it for a long time without replacement. But it is more expensive and could only provide heat and UVB radiation for a small space.

Why you should buy bearded dragon harness and leash?

March 11, 20200

Bearded dragon desperately needs vitamin D3 to develop strong bones, support reproduction and shedding. The abundance of natural Vitamin D3 that anyone can absorb is sunlight.

That’s why you should bearded dragon out in the sun at least once a week. However, bearded dragons are like other pets, excited to explore the strange space outside the captivity environment.

At times like these, the bearded dragon harness and leash is what you need to be able to control your pet.

Here are the things that you should buy a bearded dragon harness or a leash:

#1 Easy to control

Bearded dragons, though not as active as other reptiles, are also very active when exposed to the outside environment.

A bearded dragon leash will help you keep your pets under control and you won’t need to fear to lose them.

Because it is easy to control bearded dragons, you can prevent them from other accidents, such as being hit by a car or simply attacked by a dog or a cat.

You can also walk it around like other pets easily.

#2 Sunbathing

Bearded dragon leashes and harnesses also help your pet to sunbathe safely.

As we mentioned above, bearded dragons really need vitamin D3 to be able to convert into calcium. This nutrient plays a very important role in bone development, reproduction and shedding of bearded dragon.

Put a harness on your pet and let it enjoy the warmth of the natural sunlight and you will no longer have to worry about the bearded dragon’s escape.

#3 Train bearded dragon

At first, bearded dragon may not be familiar with this new accessory so it needs you to train it.

Bearded dragon is easy to train and you will not spend much time training it. If there is a reptilian pet who knows how to do new behaviors, then surely not bad, right?

#4 Visual

These specially shaped leashes and harnesses will make bearded dragons a lot more interesting and cute.

How to choose the best rated cheese graters?

March 10, 20200

Cheese is one of the ingredients with great texture and flavor and it can blend in with any flavor.

A cheese grater is needed so you can shred the cheese for your dishes. And it is also one of the essential appliances that you should have in your kitchen.

Cheese grater can save you time to shred cheese with almost identical size and shape.

But do you know how to choose a good cheese grater? If not, check out some of the factors you should consider in order to buy the best rated cheese graters below.

#1 Type

Before buying a cheese grater, you should be aware of its common types so you can choose the one that suits you best.

Cheese grater usually has 4 types: box grater, micro-plane grater, handheld grater and rotary cheese grater.

The box grater is suitable for hard and soft cheeses. It has 4 sides with 4 different types of blades and you can use it with other vegetables.

The micro-plane grater provides a super-fine cheese texture, which is compact for easy storage.

The handheld grater gives you a portability, you can grind cheese directly onto any plate of food.

The rotary cheese grater is the easiest type to use, you just need to turn the handle to grind the cheese.

#2 Material

There are two things you need to consider for the cheese grater material. One, is the material durable, and the other is ease of cleaning.

The best material you should choose for cheese grater is stainless steel. This is the best material, durable and easy to clean.

#3 Size

You should also choose the size of cheese grater according to your needs. A small sized cheese grater will only waste your preparation time when you need large quantities of cheese.

#4 Stability

All parts of the cheese grater need to be stable and securely attached to each other to ensure the safety of your hands while in use.

If the parts, especially the blade, can easily fall off, it will be very dangerous for the user. You certainly won’t want those sharp blades to hurt you.

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How to choose the best 6 quart stock pot

March 3, 2020Tom Lieb0

Stock pot is now an indispensable thing in the kitchen. This versatile product is one of those kitchen essentials that creating a large variety of dishes. There are many dishes can cook by only one 6 quart stock pot, from soups to pasta, gravies, stews, chili and stir-fry too. But did you really know the best way to choose 6 quart stock pot?

#1 Price

The 6 quart stock pot should be purchased based on quality. Instead of taking the cheap price, consider taking a stock pot with high quality. The product should be made with stainless steel material and have more than one layer.

It will help the stock pot have a long-life span, high durability, retainer of heat. Stainless steel material is not react with the food inside so it is safe to use, especial for kids. Besides, this material is safe for dishwasher, making the clean-up process more quickly, and oven-safe surface makes it extremely versatile.

#2 Nonstick

Though the main function is for cooking soups and stews, but nonstick is also necessary. It will make your stock pot become more versatile by making fried meals.

You do not have to add lots of oil because of  the nonstick surface, that means you can cook with less fat.

#3 Core

Consisting of aluminum in core will provide heat for 6 quart stock pot rapidly and even heating not only at the bottom of the stock pot, but also the walls surrounding

#4 Lid

The best 6 quart stock pot must to have a tight fitting lid. Ensure the lid is tight enough that prevent heat can rush out.

It can be made of the same material as the pot, or made of tempered glass lid. The glass lid has a shorter long-life span but it easy to see what is inside.

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