How to smell proof a grow tent?

We are well aware of the fact, it is very hard to mask or totally control the smell in a grow room as creating an airtight space (grow room) from where smell cannot escape is impossible. The main reason for this is because plants need fresh air, air circulation and old air to be able to get out otherwise plants will die out as well as your investment. So if you are thinking of creating a totally air tight odor proof grow box, that’s not going to happen.

Let’s talk about various methods that can help you to create a smell proof grow tent.

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Use of Smell Absorbing Gel

One of the various ways for making a smell proof grow tent is the use of smell absorbing gel. You can get it from super stores under different brand names. This gel actually release fragrance in the grow room which works pretty well and eliminates odor by neutralizing it, thus making is odor proof grow box. But this gel have a limitation, it will make your grow tent odor free up to certain limit, but if you have few plants that smell very strongly then this gel will do no good. But still it will be better than nothing. You can keep gel containers directly outside of a grow room tent.

Use a Good Carbon Filter

One of the most effective ways to get rid of super potent smell and make your odor proof grow box is to install a good carbon filter with in an inline fan. Carbon filter uses block of activated carbon to trap, absorb and neutralize smells.

You should remember one thing as I have mentioned before, even the best carbon filter can’t remove 100% of weed smell but they do a much better job than the gel we discussed above. Another tip here is to use fine quality inline for making better smell proof grow tent.

Temperature & Humidity Control

Normal temperature and humidity is essential for everything. The hotter and more humid the place is, the more something will smell as you can also observe outdoor trash smells more in summer than during the winter. It is because of more temperature and humidity in summer. You can also achieve this goal by controlling temperature and humidity in your grow tents as you would have been already doing for the health of plants.

Sealing of holes and direct ventilation

As mentioned earlier, totally sealing your grow tent is out of question as plants need fresh air and ventilation for their proper growth. So you should have to carefully design the whole system of ventilation with carbon filters, inline fans to get the fresh on one hand and to create room for odor to escape. You should design this whole system to the area less needed or used by you so as to avoid from odor and get the ventilation benefit at the same time.

Note: Never use ozone filters for making grow room smell proof. Although these ozone generators are good in hiding odor from your grow tent but these are very harmful for plant and animal lives which can cause lung problems.


Remember one thing, whatever you do you would not be able to make a 100% smell proof grow tent because that is simply impossible. However, still you can make a better odor proof grow box by applying above discussed methods.