Easy Guide for Choosing the Role in a Paintball Game

Role in a paintball game

Paintball is a game based on missions designed to accomplish certain objectives while offering a thrilling and fun experience to players. To achieve this, players with different skills and personalities are assigned different roles that suit them.

The Roles in a Paintball Game

Below is an easy guide to help you choose roles in a paintball game:

Frontman/ PointmanFrontman/pointman

This is the first set of people in line and they are always involved in almost all the action. Their main aim is to achieve the team’s objectives and ultimately win by getting their opponents flag. They come up with creative tactics to attack their opponents and also inform the rest of the players of impending danger, traps and creates a path for the rest to follow.

Being the most influential position in the game, it is ideal for leaders who are fast and are capable of taking risks.


Most of the players make up the Infantry and they follow the frontmen. Their main objective is to eliminate the opponents by weakening them and this is done by setting traps, shooting their opponents’ frontmen and finally taking their positions.

This position would best suit team players that are ambitious, intimidating and good shooters.

Mid Player/ Floater

Mid players are a linking block between the frontmen and the backmen. Their main role is to protect the backmen from attacks and pass information between the frontmen and the backmen. They also replace the fallen soldiers or men in the game and they are always on the move to provide support to other players being attacked and always use a lot of paint.

Players at this position posses many skills and are fast learners. They are also good communicators who are swift and strategic. As they are expected to play different roles, they should be flexible, physically fit and have high endurance levels as this role requires a lot of vigorous actions such as running, diving, sliding and even jumping.

Backman/ Rearman

Paintball, being a territorial game, some players are expected to play that role and offer overall protection. This role is assigned to Backmen. A Backman’s role is to protect the team’s flag and provide cover to the other players attacking their opponents or retreating.

Players playing this role should be protective, alert, and watchful. They should also be good shooters with the ability to shoot from different positions and ranges.

SniperSniper in paintball game

A sniper’s main aim is to eliminate the opponent’s key players and weaken the barriers set, they always want to have the best paintball sniper rifles in their hands. They should be located on a raised or elevated ground for a better view of the whole playing field or at the back where there is minimal interference with their view. They are also responsible for eliminating unseen attackers approaching their field and are always expected to use most of the paint.

Players playing this role should be good shooters, precise, thoughtful, watchful and strategic. They should also be fast and able to shoot from different ranges.

Insert Players

These are players that can easily fit and play any role. They are meant to replace any players that are gunned down. They are quick to adapt to new positions and can also shoot from different positions.

This role is always assigned to players with the ability to cope with any situation and are flexible.

Advantages of choosing roles in a paintball game

  • It is a fun game and can be played by most people from different age groups as it can be easily understood.
  • If played by family members, friends or colleagues, it can strengthen bonds and create room for making new friends within the teams created.
  • Paintball encourages the ability to work together and enhances teamwork. It can be used by organizations as a training tactic on teamwork.
  • Paintball is an active sport and can be played as a form of exercise meant to increase an individual’s physical endurance and also keep fit.
  • It encourages creativity by devising tactics to attack an opponent and survival tactics.
  • Leads to the implementation of various skills like speed and accuracy.
  • It can be played as a form of competition during holidays and even during team building activities.
  • Encourages individuals to discover untapped potential and skills making them more confident and bold.

Cons of choosing roles in a paintball game

  • It can be risky if not played with caution and can cause accidents.
  • If not correctly set up, the objectives meant to be achieved may fail.
  • It may be a hard task to choose players to suit different roles, especially for new players.
  • It can be a source of disagreement between players for failure to follow instructions.

Paintball is a game that requires planning and proper selection of role players and if done right, it can guarantee success and achievement of the set objectives.