What are the common types of Bearded dragon lighting?


Bearded dragon lighting is an important part that indispensable when setting up a vivarium for your bearded dragon. As we all knew, they come from the dry, hot desert areas of Australian where they can get UVA and UVB radiation naturally by basking under the sun.

Setting up your bearded dragon’s tank with the right lighting is a simple task if you know what is the difference between some types of lighting bulbs.

#1 Fluorescent bulbs

Not any ordinary fluorescent bulb can use for desert reptiles, you should choose the specialist manufactured bulbs. These bulbs can be lengths from 15 inches to 48 inches. Choosing depends on your needs and the size of your vivarium.

We recommend you to buy a fluorescent bulb that length at least 80% of vivarium’s length. In case your vivarium is too long (more than 60 inches), you will need to use two or more than two bulbs to provide enough UV radiation. You also should replace the old bulbs after 6 months of use.

#2 Compact fluorescent bulbs

Compact fluorescent bulbs have become more popular for people who keeping reptile. These bulbs run operate on the same principle with fluorescent bulbs buts but using less energy and more last longer than fluorescent ones.

These types of bulbs have caused some debate about the safety of them. Some users said that the UV light in this bulb may be too high for reptiles, this leads to the possibility of burned their eyes. While the other users were completely satisfied with this kind of lighting.

 #3 Mercury Vapor Bulbs

Mercury vapor bulbs may well be your ideal lighting option because these bulbs provide enough both UVA, UVB, and heat at the same time.

In comparison with fluorescent bulbs, mercury vapor bulbs more durable, you can use it for a long time without replacement. But it is more expensive and could only provide heat and UVB radiation for a small space.