Atomic Northern Lights Strain Effects & Review – One Of A Kind Indica Dominant Hybrid Cannabis Strain

Atomic Northern Lights weed strain is a cannabis strain with an interesting history, and besides that you should never underestimate its impressive flavor. Just by looking at the name, you can somewhat guess the origin of the Atomic Northern Lights, but the interesting thing is still quite a lot.

This cannabis strain is considered to be of great value to both smokers and growers. Recreational smokers will be pleased to be able to enjoy the delicious and unique flavors of this cannabis strain. Medical smokers will receive treatments for their condition. And don’t forget the growers that can absolutely make a good profit with the Atomic Northern Lights seeds garden.

In this article, we will provide useful information for both smokers and growers about Atomic Northern Lights.

Atomic Northern Lights Origins

That’s right, the origin of Atomic Northern Lights is linked to the legendary Northern Lights cannabis strain. Northern Lights is indeed the cannabis strain that is famous when it comes to cannabis trophies, and it is the parent strain of Atomic Northern Lights.

If you have searched Northern Lights strain leafly then you probably know that this cannabis strain has outstanding genetics, and it is mixed with many other cannabis strains to create good hybrids. And Atomic Northern Lights was born out of this mix of Northern Lights and some other genetics.

Northern Lights combined with Afghani, Thai Haze to create the hybrid cannabis strain Atomic Northern Lights. The question of Northern Lights strain indica or sativa is no longer important for genetic determination of Atomic Northern Lights when it is an Indica dominant hybrid.

Sensi Seeds created this hybrid with the desire to be able to combine the good genetics of three well-known cannabis strains and deliver the most memorable user experiences. And yes, the Atomic Northern Lights really do wonders for both mind and body for smokers.

Atomic Northern Lights Effects

Atomic Northern Lights deliver effects typical of Indica genetics, which will have a marked effect on your psyche. Feeling happy and extremely relaxed will be the main effects that anyone can easily recognize when smoking Atomic Northern Lights. But it brings more interesting effects than that.

As soon as the first sips of fine smoke are inhaled, the light mood will quickly invade and spread throughout the body. Negative thoughts, anxiety and stress will be eliminated and your mood will become much better. What you can do right now is relax your whole body and enjoy this feeling of relaxation.

Immediately a feeling of euphoria engulfs the body and it lasts almost the entire time. Then you will become really happy and want to express this happiness outside. Times like these are ideal for chatting with friends or promoting socializing. Atomic Northern Lights viagra will also help you create as well as inspire artistic activities.

New smokers can also try Atomic Northern Lights with small puffs of smoke. We recommend standing up for communication or light exercise so you don’t get too caught up in the euphoria, as you could be locked on the couch.

Atomic Northern Lights Fragrance & Flavors

Atomic Northern Lights is a cannabis strain with a very complex and dramatic scent. The scent of Atomic Northern Lights is so impressive that you can tell it even from a distance, so smoking in a secluded place will help you avoid prying eyes around.

The scent of Atomic Northern Lights consists of two main parts: spicy and sweet. At first you will feel their smell very pungent, but then a sweet taste will overwhelm and entice the senses forever.

The reason to say that the taste of Atomic Northern Lights is complicated because it is a combination of earthy notes, floral notes, and a few pine notes. But its pungent taste makes it possible to trace the origin and is really difficult to name.

In general, Atomic Northern Lights’ pungent flavor combined with sweet flower buds will bring about the same levels of exciting experiences as its effects.

Atomic Northern Lights Medical

Not only has entertainment value and Atomic Northern Lights is also appreciated for its medical value. This cannabis strain can offer therapeutic benefits both mentally and physically. With high CBD levels, Atomic Northern Lights is known as a natural remedy that comes in many prescriptions.

Atomic Northern Lights can help treat patients with depression and anxiety disorders. It brings positive emotions and relaxation, which helps them get rid of negative thoughts and improve their condition.

Besides, Atomic Northern Lights can act as a natural pain reliever. It can be a powerful pain reliever and can eliminate chronic pain, reduce inflammation and treat arthritis. It also helps cancer patients when it can stop their nausea and discomfort.

Atomic Northern Lights Growing

Atomic Northern Lights can be grown both indoors and outdoors and it is suitable for growers of all levels. Atomic Northern Lights seeds are not too difficult to grow but growers should still give it some care and attention.

Growing outdoors in warm climates or areas with mild climates is the most ideal conditions for Atomic Northern Lights plants to grow. The flowering period of Atomic Northern Lights is quite short, allowing growers to continuously harvest with good yields.

Although Atomic Northern Lights is resistant to common pests and molds, and has good vitality, growers should also pay attention. Its sweet scent may attract some insects.

When growing indoors, growers should pay attention to arrange the distance between plants so that the foliage does not block all the light and increase humidity. Growers can use a number of techniques such as SOG to increase crop yields.

With good care, growers can harvest about 11 ounces/m2 indoors, with an outdoor yield of about 14 ounces/plant.

Where Can I Buy Atomic Northern Lights Seeds?

Buying Atomic Northern Lights seeds is not too difficult because there are many online seed banks that offer these cannabis seeds. However, many growers cannot choose a reputable online seed bank and that causes loss of money and time.

For that reason we will recommend you a few reputable seed banks that can provide the best quality Atomic Northern Lights seeds at the best prices.

Pacific Seed Bank – Atomic Northern Lights Feminized Marijuana Seeds

The SeedFair – Atomic Northern Lights Feminized Cannabis Seeds

Seedsbay – Atomic Northern Lights seeds