How large should a tarantula enclosure be?

October 30, 2020Tom Lieb0

A solid, durable, comfort enclosure is a perfect investment for your tarantula. It is important to ensure that the enclosure will last for years and make your tarantula feel comfortable inside, especially considering the longevity of these critters.

The best tarantula enclosure must be sufficient to meet their needs. One of the most important factors to consider when making your purchase is the size an enclosure. The size an enclosure needs to be for a tarantula primarily depends on the species of tarantula you own.

#1 Ideal dimension for a tarantula enclosure

As mention above, the enclosure size depends on the species, whether you have an arboreal or burrowing or terrestrial species. A good rule of thumb for terrestrial species is that the ground space of the enclosure should be 3-4 times the size of the tarantula’s leg span. That means, the good enclosure size for a single tarantula can be able to keep about 3-4 tarantulas at a time without them overlapping.

You may feel that it is quite small, but in fact, this dimension is slightly larger than the enclosures that recommended by breeders.

However, if you are looking for an enclosure to house Arboreal tarantulas, height is going to be required as they enjoy climbing and spend most of their time in the trees. Make sure the height of the enclosure is more than its length.

Be sure to know the habits of the species you are owing before you choose the size and design an enclosure.

#2 Not go too big

It is obvious that all animals should be given as much space as is reasonable for the species. However, there is a note for tarantula owners is that tarantulas do not need large enclosures. Bigger is not always better.

This is because tarantulas depend mostly on their tactile senses to explore their environment surrounding. If you place them in the enclosure that too large, it would actually cause stress to them. Besides, larger enclosure means your tarantulas will be harder while looking for their food.

There is the exception case that you provide a large cage for them but place inside densely landscaped and shelter place for the tarantula to explore. Remember that tarantula will be happy if it can feel its environment around.

What litters materials are not safe for ferret?

October 29, 2020Tom Lieb0

Many people consider owning ferret because they belief that ferret is low maitenance pet. However, the fact that ferrets are similar to cats, ferrets are also trainable and training them is not more difficult than training a cat.

The best ferret litter box and litter training  will helps keep the cage clean and tidy, control odor, and also ensure your ferret comfort. But before get start to litter train your pets, you have to choose the right litter, and what is unsafe for ferret to use.

#1 Clay litter

You have to be verry careful with clay litter as it can be the worse choice. When it gets wet, it gets very think and sticky and thhis is a big change that clay will stick to the paws, and skin of the ferrets. It can even stick to their eyes and nose.

Ferrets also may drag their bottom to the litter box, it lead the clay particles also get stuck to their bottom. This can be vey dangerouse if the clay get stuck and block the anus of the ferret. There have been instances where the ferrets ingest it and cause a fatal blockage.

Besides, clay litters tend to produce a lot of dust which cause bad effect on the sensitive respiratory system of your ferrets because they wil dig around in it and end up breathing it in.

There are some clay litter product are suitable for ferret but remember alway check the manufacturer’s guidelines and ask your vet before use it.

#2 Wood shavings

It is also not safe to use pine or cedar wood shaving. This is beacuse of the aromatic oils and phenols that they give off. These oils can be dangerous for a ferret’s respiratory system and it also impacts their liver heavily as they tent to release toxic vapors.

Not only that, the pine and cedar wood will not be treated to remove essential oils. They cause changes to the enzymes of the liver.

#3 Silica-based litters

Silical-based pearls, flakes, beads or gel can also cause health issuses for your ferrets as well. They can be inhaled by ferret, cause significant trauma and respiratory tract damage and silicosis for the ferret.

There are also some silica available in the market are amorphous silica, these type of silica are safe for the respiratory tracts of the ferrets. However, it also should be used carefuly as the ferrets think that they are dig boxes rather than litter boxes. Besides, silica is not a good absorbent material.

What should be place in iguana cage?

October 29, 2020Tom Lieb0

An iguana can be a great pet and him deserve an ideal home that meet its needs.  Setting up a cage for your iguana is one of the most important things that you need to do before bringing it to your home.

Apart from the best iguana cage, lighting and humidity, you also should enrich their habitat with some essential things. This is because your iguanas will spend most of its time inside the cage. They love to sleep, bask, climb and explore, and some accessories will support these behaviours, keep your pet healthy and happy.

#1 Substrate

Whether you use a custom enclosure or a commercial cage, you need to place some substrate. A cheapest and easiest substrate or bedding to find can be paper towels or newspaper. Eco-friendly carpets also a great substrate as it is safe, can be remove for easy cleaning and can be reused multiple time. Eco-earth products will create a natural look for your cage.

#2 Food & Water Bowls

You cannot complete your cage without food and water bowls. Make sure to provide dishes for your iguana to get its water and food from. The bowls you choose should be heavy or able to be secured to something to prevent your pet make it spilling. Besides, remember to place the bowls a high location where an iguana will feel comfortable and safe to eat.

This is the good ideal to have two water bowls. One near the food and one should be placed in a lower location. You also should keep an eye on these bowls as your iguanas may pooping in their water.

#3 Hiding place

Your iguanas should be provided a hiding place, where they can rest their mind, enjoy their privacy when they feel stress of if they get disturbed of loud noise. Consider building a hiding place for your pets,

#4 Decor

In the natural, iguanas are up in the trees. And you’ll probably notice them also prefers to hang out on the highest branch in the cage. Because they’re natural tree-climbers and dwellers, iguanas must have plenty of tall branches and platforms to climb and bask on. So, you should provide them with shelves or ledges at different heights for resting and basking. Ramps and other ways to climb are also great ideals.

What is the best brands of BBQ smoker combo?

October 1, 2020Tom Lieb0

Not everybody has the obsession, space, and the budget to buy so many bits of equipment for BBQ and smoking. It is where the best BBQ smoker combo come in handy as it is a single piece of equipment that can perform the two different tasks of high heat grilling, and low smoking.

This ourdoor cooking equipment will save your space and money and serve dual-purpose. Since I recognize that individual needs and tastes may vary, base on different type of smoker grill combo, I divided the best brands of grills into sections.

#1 Best smoker frill combo overall

When you’re smoking meat, it is vital that the smoker maintains a consistent temperature. And if you one of who those are fiddle to maintain smoking temperature, I would like to recommend you go with bbq smokercombo produces of Traeger or Kamado Joe.

They are also have resonable prices and offers a durable construction. They are not too large as you can easy take on the road and stove when not use. However, the fact that they are often out of stock is a testament to their quality.

#2 Best gas grill smoker combo

Smoker grills produce a lot of smoke. That’s how they produce tender, flavorful meat. Therefore, you don’t too often see a smoker gas grill combo in marketplace. Char-Broil’s “The Big Easy” is both a gas grill and a turkey roaster, Oklahoma Joe’s Smoker Combo is large charcoal and gas smoker grill.

If you fell that cooking on charcoal or wood comes with its fair share of inconveniences, and it is much harder as compared to cooking on gas based grill, then you can sonsider these two brands. However, you may have to spenf lots of money for these BBQ multi-fuel smoke combo.

#3 Best charcoal grill smoker combo

Charcoal is considered to be the best choice for many users as it impart the delectable smoky flavor to the meat. Charcoal produces tender, flavorful meat. PK Grills model is a good ideal as my firt impresion is that it offer ten-year warranty alone.

It may not catch you eyes as it is contruct of lightweigh aluminum case, but I found that it have impressive results when using. It is not only can be used as a travel smoker, it is also sturdy enough for everyday use.

#4 Best pellet smoker grill combo

You can easy find many differnet brands of pellet BBQ smoker out there, Camp Chef Woodwind Classic, Weber smokerfire, Cuisinart CPG-4000 Wood BBQ Grill & Smoker are what I would like to recommen. If you love the wood-fired flavor and want to add it into your meal, they are the best your can choose,