How Many Balloons Can a Helium Tank Fill

May 28, 2020Tom Lieb0

During celebrations, gatherings or parties, we often decorate our places with the best possible accommodating design for our visitors. Friends, relatives and even colleagues come to your place to party. One way to make your place fun and lively is by putting balloons on the floor, on the ceiling or even make a balloon arch. Balloons can create an exciting and fun atmosphere. You can also play water balloons with your friends. If you need to fill helium to a large amount of balloons you should consider using a balloon air machine.

But have you ever wondered how many balloons can a helium tank fill?

A standard helium tank with a size of 14.9 cubic feet jumbo helium balloon tank can inflate atleast 50 pieces of 9-inch latex balloons, approximately 27 pieces of 11-inch latex balloons or an estimation of 27 pieces 18-inch balloons of foil or mylar. The balloons that are made up of Latex can last floating in air for at least 5 to 7 hours. The balloons that are made up of foil or mylar can last floating in air for at least four days. Although other external factors such as temperature and height can affect the floating time of helium filled balloons. This type of helium tank is excellent for baby showers, birthday parties, graduations and even school events.

A 0.25 cubic meter tank can fill around 30 pieces of 23-centimeter normal balloons, 15 pieces of 30-centimeter normal balloons, 3 pieces of 60-centimeter normal balloons. For mega balloons with size of 90 centimeters, the 0.25 cubic meter tank can fill 1 and a half piece. For foil balloons with 45 centimeters of size, an approximation of 16 pieces can be made. On the other hand, 90 centimeters sized foil balloons can fill up to 6 pieces at max.

A 0.42 cubic meter tank can fill around 50 pieces of 23-centimeter normal balloons, 25 pieces of 30-centimeter normal balloons, 5 pieces of 60-centimeter normal balloons. For mega balloons with size of 90 centimeters, the 0.25 cubic meter tank can fill 2 and a half piece. For foil balloons with 45 centimeters of size, an approximation of 28 pieces can be made. On the other hand, 90 centimeters sized foil balloons can fill up to 10 pieces at max.

In making a balloon archway, a recommendation of at least 192 latex balloons are required in order to build a professional looking balloon archway. But it would always depend on the owner’s choice if the balloon arch is not high enough or fancy enough. For the arch, 128 pieces of 11-inch latex balloons are suggested. For the columns, the rings can hold about 4 balloons. For each column, there are probably 8 rings so therefore the number per column is 32 balloons. So all in all the recommended number of balloons in making an archway is 192 pieces of11-inch latex balloons.

(To achieve the best form of the arch, it is recommended that the inflation of 11-inch latex balloons must be around 10 to 10 and a half inches.)

How to Make a Simple Balloon Arch

May 18, 2020Tom Lieb0

Balloons are an economical and straightforward way to brighten any occasion. Balloon arches attach an air of elegance to any event whether it’s a wedding, a simple birthday party or any other event. The balloon arch is simple to make and can make any party wake up.

The Materials You Need

To obtain the balloon arch, you need enough and different types of balloons to make the size of larch you want. You will also need to choose how many various shades of balloons you will want to utilize and plan accordingly. You will also require a couple of tanks of helium and sandbags or different loads to hold your arch in place, as well as some solid fish line for tying the balloons like electric balloon inflator.

Making the Arch

The simplest way of how to make a helium balloon arch is to choose how tall and wide you want your arch to be, and then measure out the best possible amount of fish line in addition to a foot extra at each end. Next, take two chairs with their backs facing each other and separate them as far apart as the fish line for the arch. Utilizing the overabundance fish line you are left with at each end, attach the conclusion to the back of each chair. This will make a waist-length stature for you to attach the balloons at.

Next, explode sets of two balloons and tie them together. On the off chance that you are utilizing two hues in your arch, you can either use two balloons of the same shading for one set and two of the other shading for the different settings. On the off chance that you are utilizing four shades of balloons in your arch, make a lot of two of the hues and another set using the other two hues. In all cases, join the two pairs of balloons together to frame a group of four balloons. You at that point either tie or bend the balloons on the fish line as near one another as conceivable starting toward one side and working through to the opposite end.

When you have filled the whole length of the fish line, you essentially loosen the line from the chair backs and attach it to the loads. You, at that point, place the arch into the place and position you want. The distance you place the loads from each other will decide how wide and tall your arch will be. The helium in the balloons will naturally rise, shaping the arch.

You can move the balloons to place them where you want them. When you run the weights, you will resize the arc. The best balloon arches near me will be made when you have high ceilings as we did.

You can then use these arches at the entrance to set the disposition, unsupported for picture taking, or behind the visitor of respect’s seating place, or utilize several placed near one another to shape a passage leading into a structure. Recall that when using the arch outside, your loads holding the arch should be a lot heavier than for indoor use.

What are the criteria you should consider when buying a best airtight food storage?

May 13, 2020Tom Lieb0

We all need to store leftovers after every meal, take our food to work, or go on a picnic. The best airtight containers for food storage is all you need, helping you to store food in the safest and most convenient way.

However, do you really know the criteria that you should consider before choosing a best airtight food storage yet? Currently on the market there are many types of airtight food storage that surely you will feel overwhelmed by that variety.

Let’s take a look at a few criteria that you should check before deciding to buy the best airtight food storage containers.

#1 Material

Airtight food storage containers are usually made from a variety of materials, the most common of which are glass, plastic and acrylic. Each of these materials has its own advantages and disadvantages so you should research carefully before making a decision.

Glass containers are usually very safe to store food, it is also easy to clean. However, the glass is often fragile and quite heavy so you have to be extremely careful when taking it out.

Plastic and acrylic are lighter than glass and also more durable. However, when buying containers made from this material, you should choose ones that do not contain BPA to ensure safety for health.

#2 Lid

The lid should not be warped to avoid any leakage, and a good lid needs to fit tightly and adhere to the container.

# 3 Dimensions

You should consider the size of the container according to your needs. Determine what kind of food you want to store and its regular size.

Fresh food needs more space to store than leftovers.

#4 Easy to clean

Hygiene issues directly affect the health of users, so this is also an important criterion that you should consider.

Currently there are many airtight food containers that can be used in dishwashers and they can also be easily disassembled. These are the containers you should be looking for.

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Things you should know to properly use the best incubator

May 13, 2020Tom Lieb0

Hatching chickens without hens is one of the most rewarding experiences that almost chicken owners used to do. But besides using the best incubator, the important thing is that you should know how to make it work correctly, how to frequent humidity and temperature, some other manual works that you still need to do.

To ensure your chicks will be hatched healthy and successfully, there are some tips will really come in handy:

You should place your incubator in an enclosed room. The right placement plays an important role in the incubation process. It is requested a place with no sunlight, heat, humid and airflow.

After the chicks have hatched, it will leave chick feathers, dirt, eggshells, etc back in the incubator and become a good condition for the growth of mold and microbes. Therefore, you need to clean your incubator frequently.  Reading the instruction for use to know the right way to clean it.

There are different level of temperatures are match with different breeds of eggs. Figure out the breed of eggs you have and the temperature they requested.

Contact the manufacturer to ask for the warranty of your incubator if you have any problem with it.

What is the best incubator for chicken eggs?

The best incubators will fill a part of broody hen and creates the ideal conditions for the eggs to hatch successfully. They usually come from reputable brands. It might take you more cost but these brands will offer you the best warranty, and almost 100% of hatching results.

Finding the best device also depends on your needs, the number of eggs you want to hatch. If you buy it for home use, a small incubator might be great. But if you have a business model of chickens, you will need should invest in a bigger device.

How Much is a Balloon Arch?

May 11, 2020Tom Lieb0

The balloon arch frame is a stately item to have around. The product will impress anyone who arrives at the party. The family is going to treasure the chance to set up a feature like that one. Balloon blowing up machine is a good choice that can be made. It will make the party a lot easier on the whole crowd. How much is a balloon arch to purchase? The answer will be surprising to a lot of people seeking that product. The end payment may depend on anyone who gives it a chance. Find a seller in the area that will explain how making balloon arches will work.

Think about how making balloon arches could suit a party. Talk to the supplier and learn more details about how the system works. They are glad to provide the balloons for just a minimal charge. Save a lot of money by just switching to the right provider. That should greatly simplify the process and make it a top choice for all involved. Balloon arch frame DIY is a top choice to people interested. Think about the important new designs that will thrill the crowd. The chance to set up the balloons should be valuable to all involved.

The service can be requested well in advance of the party. The chance to set up the balloons should appeal to a lot of people. They can get the service going to appeal to many people in the area. That makes the service a top request for most clients. The clients are going to trust people who make the project work. That explains why the business is going to succeed on many levels. Think about how the project can move forward in time. Ask ahead and make the project a big success in the long run. The service is a top request and people want to work on it over time.

The reviews for the service are also an item to consult. New customers will want to read the feedback and learn all the details involved. How much is a balloon arch? The answer will be explained by the reviews that other people are writing. How much is a balloon arch? The reviews can help people decipher that info on their own. Then they can write reviews and help people learn more details. The new reviews are much appreciated and people can support the market for that service.

The price tag can be explained by the team themselves upon arrival. How much is a balloon arch? The end result to that question is explained to people. They want to learn more detail and support the balloon arch program. Pay on time and access the service whenever it is completed. The price tag is important and people want to learn more detail. The service plan is explained and people want to appraise the cost. Timely payments can keep the program going forward without a hitch. The price tag is worth it for a fun time.

How To String A Crossbow

May 6, 2020Tom Lieb0

Arbalist or hobbyist the first thing you’ll want to know is how to string a crossbow. Done wrong you can damage the bow or yourself.

The most common method among modern crossbow enthusiasts is with a stringer. The secondary method is done by hand. This is by far the most difficult way to string a crossbow and should really only be used in situations where the bow has a comparatively low draw weight for the user.


#1: Hook your new string around the left nook. The nooks being located at the edge of the crossbow limb.

#2: Hook the stringer onto both nooks. The stringer is longer than the actual bowstring so this should be easy. Remember at this point only the stringer is on both nooks. The actual bowstring should only be on one nook.

#3: Cock the crossbow and place it limb first against the flat surface. The stock should be facing upward. Not all crossbows have a stirrup but the ones that do generally don’t require you to press into them with full force. Doing so could damage the stirrup. Simply steady the device.

#4: Once cocked, place the other end of the actual bowstring into the other nook. Once it’s safe to do so, fire the unloaded crossbow. (Note: without a stringer you’d have to pull on the limb of the crossbow to bend it towards you. This is the part that makes the by hand process so difficult.)

#5: Remove the stringer from the bow – without removing the actual bowstring. This can be a tedious process and is typically done by using a small screwdriver to work the stringer out of the nook without damaging the bowstring.

Once this is completed – congratulations! You’ve learned how to string a crossbow!

Remember to unstring your crossbow before a long period of inactivity to preserve the string.