How to smell proof a grow tent?

November 22, 2020Tom Lieb0

We are well aware of the fact, it is very hard to mask or totally control the smell in a grow room as creating an airtight space (grow room) from where smell cannot escape is impossible. The main reason for this is because plants need fresh air, air circulation and old air to be able to get out otherwise plants will die out as well as your investment. So if you are thinking of creating a totally air tight odor proof grow box, that’s not going to happen.

Let’s talk about various methods that can help you to create a smell proof grow tent.

Use of Smell Absorbing Gel

One of the various ways for making a smell proof grow tent is the use of smell absorbing gel. You can get it from super stores under different brand names. This gel actually release fragrance in the grow room which works pretty well and eliminates odor by neutralizing it, thus making is odor proof grow box. But this gel have a limitation, it will make your grow tent odor free up to certain limit, but if you have few plants that smell very strongly then this gel will do no good. But still it will be better than nothing. You can keep gel containers directly outside of a grow room tent.

Use a Good Carbon Filter

One of the most effective ways to get rid of super potent smell and make your odor proof grow box is to install a good carbon filter with in an inline fan. Carbon filter uses block of activated carbon to trap, absorb and neutralize smells.

You should remember one thing as I have mentioned before, even the best carbon filter can’t remove 100% of weed smell but they do a much better job than the gel we discussed above. Another tip here is to use fine quality inline for making better smell proof grow tent.

Temperature & Humidity Control

Normal temperature and humidity is essential for everything. The hotter and more humid the place is, the more something will smell as you can also observe outdoor trash smells more in summer than during the winter. It is because of more temperature and humidity in summer. You can also achieve this goal by controlling temperature and humidity in your grow tents as you would have been already doing for the health of plants.

Sealing of holes and direct ventilation

As mentioned earlier, totally sealing your grow tent is out of question as plants need fresh air and ventilation for their proper growth. So you should have to carefully design the whole system of ventilation with carbon filters, inline fans to get the fresh on one hand and to create room for odor to escape. You should design this whole system to the area less needed or used by you so as to avoid from odor and get the ventilation benefit at the same time.

Note: Never use ozone filters for making grow room smell proof. Although these ozone generators are good in hiding odor from your grow tent but these are very harmful for plant and animal lives which can cause lung problems.


Remember one thing, whatever you do you would not be able to make a 100% smell proof grow tent because that is simply impossible. However, still you can make a better odor proof grow box by applying above discussed methods.

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How large should a tarantula enclosure be?

October 30, 2020Tom Lieb0

A solid, durable, comfort enclosure is a perfect investment for your tarantula. It is important to ensure that the enclosure will last for years and make your tarantula feel comfortable inside, especially considering the longevity of these critters.

The best tarantula enclosure must be sufficient to meet their needs. One of the most important factors to consider when making your purchase is the size an enclosure. The size an enclosure needs to be for a tarantula primarily depends on the species of tarantula you own.

#1 Ideal dimension for a tarantula enclosure

As mention above, the enclosure size depends on the species, whether you have an arboreal or burrowing or terrestrial species. A good rule of thumb for terrestrial species is that the ground space of the enclosure should be 3-4 times the size of the tarantula’s leg span. That means, the good enclosure size for a single tarantula can be able to keep about 3-4 tarantulas at a time without them overlapping.

You may feel that it is quite small, but in fact, this dimension is slightly larger than the enclosures that recommended by breeders.

However, if you are looking for an enclosure to house Arboreal tarantulas, height is going to be required as they enjoy climbing and spend most of their time in the trees. Make sure the height of the enclosure is more than its length.

Be sure to know the habits of the species you are owing before you choose the size and design an enclosure.

#2 Not go too big

It is obvious that all animals should be given as much space as is reasonable for the species. However, there is a note for tarantula owners is that tarantulas do not need large enclosures. Bigger is not always better.

This is because tarantulas depend mostly on their tactile senses to explore their environment surrounding. If you place them in the enclosure that too large, it would actually cause stress to them. Besides, larger enclosure means your tarantulas will be harder while looking for their food.

There is the exception case that you provide a large cage for them but place inside densely landscaped and shelter place for the tarantula to explore. Remember that tarantula will be happy if it can feel its environment around.

What litters materials are not safe for ferret?

October 29, 2020Tom Lieb0

Many people consider owning ferret because they belief that ferret is low maitenance pet. However, the fact that ferrets are similar to cats, ferrets are also trainable and training them is not more difficult than training a cat.

The best ferret litter box and litter training  will helps keep the cage clean and tidy, control odor, and also ensure your ferret comfort. But before get start to litter train your pets, you have to choose the right litter, and what is unsafe for ferret to use.

#1 Clay litter

You have to be verry careful with clay litter as it can be the worse choice. When it gets wet, it gets very think and sticky and thhis is a big change that clay will stick to the paws, and skin of the ferrets. It can even stick to their eyes and nose.

Ferrets also may drag their bottom to the litter box, it lead the clay particles also get stuck to their bottom. This can be vey dangerouse if the clay get stuck and block the anus of the ferret. There have been instances where the ferrets ingest it and cause a fatal blockage.

Besides, clay litters tend to produce a lot of dust which cause bad effect on the sensitive respiratory system of your ferrets because they wil dig around in it and end up breathing it in.

There are some clay litter product are suitable for ferret but remember alway check the manufacturer’s guidelines and ask your vet before use it.

#2 Wood shavings

It is also not safe to use pine or cedar wood shaving. This is beacuse of the aromatic oils and phenols that they give off. These oils can be dangerous for a ferret’s respiratory system and it also impacts their liver heavily as they tent to release toxic vapors.

Not only that, the pine and cedar wood will not be treated to remove essential oils. They cause changes to the enzymes of the liver.

#3 Silica-based litters

Silical-based pearls, flakes, beads or gel can also cause health issuses for your ferrets as well. They can be inhaled by ferret, cause significant trauma and respiratory tract damage and silicosis for the ferret.

There are also some silica available in the market are amorphous silica, these type of silica are safe for the respiratory tracts of the ferrets. However, it also should be used carefuly as the ferrets think that they are dig boxes rather than litter boxes. Besides, silica is not a good absorbent material.

What should be place in iguana cage?

October 29, 2020Tom Lieb0

An iguana can be a great pet and him deserve an ideal home that meet its needs.  Setting up a cage for your iguana is one of the most important things that you need to do before bringing it to your home.

Apart from the best iguana cage, lighting and humidity, you also should enrich their habitat with some essential things. This is because your iguanas will spend most of its time inside the cage. They love to sleep, bask, climb and explore, and some accessories will support these behaviours, keep your pet healthy and happy.

#1 Substrate

Whether you use a custom enclosure or a commercial cage, you need to place some substrate. A cheapest and easiest substrate or bedding to find can be paper towels or newspaper. Eco-friendly carpets also a great substrate as it is safe, can be remove for easy cleaning and can be reused multiple time. Eco-earth products will create a natural look for your cage.

#2 Food & Water Bowls

You cannot complete your cage without food and water bowls. Make sure to provide dishes for your iguana to get its water and food from. The bowls you choose should be heavy or able to be secured to something to prevent your pet make it spilling. Besides, remember to place the bowls a high location where an iguana will feel comfortable and safe to eat.

This is the good ideal to have two water bowls. One near the food and one should be placed in a lower location. You also should keep an eye on these bowls as your iguanas may pooping in their water.

#3 Hiding place

Your iguanas should be provided a hiding place, where they can rest their mind, enjoy their privacy when they feel stress of if they get disturbed of loud noise. Consider building a hiding place for your pets,

#4 Decor

In the natural, iguanas are up in the trees. And you’ll probably notice them also prefers to hang out on the highest branch in the cage. Because they’re natural tree-climbers and dwellers, iguanas must have plenty of tall branches and platforms to climb and bask on. So, you should provide them with shelves or ledges at different heights for resting and basking. Ramps and other ways to climb are also great ideals.

What is the best brands of BBQ smoker combo?

October 1, 2020Tom Lieb0

Not everybody has the obsession, space, and the budget to buy so many bits of equipment for BBQ and smoking. It is where the best BBQ smoker combo come in handy as it is a single piece of equipment that can perform the two different tasks of high heat grilling, and low smoking.

This ourdoor cooking equipment will save your space and money and serve dual-purpose. Since I recognize that individual needs and tastes may vary, base on different type of smoker grill combo, I divided the best brands of grills into sections.

#1 Best smoker frill combo overall

When you’re smoking meat, it is vital that the smoker maintains a consistent temperature. And if you one of who those are fiddle to maintain smoking temperature, I would like to recommend you go with bbq smokercombo produces of Traeger or Kamado Joe.

They are also have resonable prices and offers a durable construction. They are not too large as you can easy take on the road and stove when not use. However, the fact that they are often out of stock is a testament to their quality.

#2 Best gas grill smoker combo

Smoker grills produce a lot of smoke. That’s how they produce tender, flavorful meat. Therefore, you don’t too often see a smoker gas grill combo in marketplace. Char-Broil’s “The Big Easy” is both a gas grill and a turkey roaster, Oklahoma Joe’s Smoker Combo is large charcoal and gas smoker grill.

If you fell that cooking on charcoal or wood comes with its fair share of inconveniences, and it is much harder as compared to cooking on gas based grill, then you can sonsider these two brands. However, you may have to spenf lots of money for these BBQ multi-fuel smoke combo.

#3 Best charcoal grill smoker combo

Charcoal is considered to be the best choice for many users as it impart the delectable smoky flavor to the meat. Charcoal produces tender, flavorful meat. PK Grills model is a good ideal as my firt impresion is that it offer ten-year warranty alone.

It may not catch you eyes as it is contruct of lightweigh aluminum case, but I found that it have impressive results when using. It is not only can be used as a travel smoker, it is also sturdy enough for everyday use.

#4 Best pellet smoker grill combo

You can easy find many differnet brands of pellet BBQ smoker out there, Camp Chef Woodwind Classic, Weber smokerfire, Cuisinart CPG-4000 Wood BBQ Grill & Smoker are what I would like to recommen. If you love the wood-fired flavor and want to add it into your meal, they are the best your can choose,

Quebec cannabis seeds review: The history and Review!

August 2, 2020Tom Lieb0

A canadian seed banks is a store for roots for some to take for minor pains like nausea.

Quebec Cannabis Seeds launched in 2013 and established marketing roots. quebec cannabis seeds review primary office is in Montreal, Quebec, Canada. Yes, the QCS includes six years of training, who are specialists; in maintaining cannabis roots. Some legalize cannabis to control disease also assist with healing characteristics, and for restoration uses for muscle pain.

Quebec’s cannabis seeds review, the producers use stringent standards, and an organized environment to provide a steady variety of roots. Yet, the plants have a unique taste and a specific compound configuration. Well, producers offer roots in feminized seeds, auto-flower seeds, CBD seeds, outdoor growing seeds, regular seeds, and mixed packs, to assist with relaxation. Yet, the extent of cannabis is to assist with therapeutic aid. Yet, some users use cannabis for pleasure and to relax. Some healing benefits of cannabis are to alleviate anxiety conditions.

The history and Review of Canadian Hemp banks in Canada!

Some observe that several roots have earned strong evaluations from various buyers on the site. Well, QCS is accepting and puts itself in the leading elite banks for marijuana roots. Yes, the improvements on this seed bank site for six years are for their engagement that comprises an abundance of determination and generosity to this corporation from their consumers.

Well, the seed bank provides quality roots, caring customer care aid, exceed-average advancement into an herb rate, exceptional padded container. Yet, the organization personnel interact through information technology and personal approach with the telephone during the week. The corporation still presents several retail sites in Canada to establish the strongest herbs.

Archive of a flowering plant unit to develop into a similar plant.

The concise study of events in the past accounts for seed bank development comprises a flowering plant capable of developing into a similar plant the concept of a geologist and biologist presented that. Yes, he picked up a small portion of soil from a pond. Yet, the biologist saved the soil in a container after a while; the biologist discovered plants to cultivate successfully.

Yet, this is a flowering plant capable of developing into a plant capable of storing seeds to sustain genetic variety. Seeds are surviving organisms that also need to protect, they are viable over the grand term, require some change of storage moisture and temperature to control. Yes, a cluster of seeds kept at sustained low climate and low moisture to secure against the failure of hereditary for resources to preserve in field clusters.

Best nail clippers for rabbits: Grinder vs Clipper

July 27, 2020Tom Lieb0

For many rabbit owners, trimming the pet nails is not an easy task.  Finding the best nail clippers for rabbits that make you and your pets feel comfortable while trimming will reduce the stressful of this work.

But when choosing the best trimming tool, you may get struggle in deciding how you want to trim your rabbit’s nails. What would be the best? A nail grinder or a clipper? This post will show you the advantages and disadvantages of each type to help you get the best one.

#1 Clipper

There are two types of clipper are guillotine clipper and scissor-type clippers. Guillotine has single blade and a hole. Placing the nail through a hold and then squeeze the handle. This type of clipper is the quick way to cut rabbit nails but it can be use for only small rabbit with small and thin nails.

Scissor clipper has the same design with the scissors but include the semi circular indentations at the top of the blade, where you need to place your rabbit’s nail for cutting. This is the most effective and simple way to cut the nails that can work for strong, thick nails for larger rabbits.

#2 Grinders

Unlike two types up there, this grooming tool is electricity-powered and wears down a rabbit’s nails through the use of motor. This is the convenient way if you are experienced bunny owner. It will help your rabbit move more easily on the best litter.

#3 Clipper vs Grinder

In compared to grinder, the nail clippers are much quiet, it do not cause any noise from motor, which can sometimes frighten rabbits. Clipper also very quick, it takes just a second to cut a nail.

Rabbit clipper is also much cheaper than grinder one. It save energy, do not require batteries or electricity to operate.

However the drawback of clipper is that it is very easy to overcut or create the short cut that injury the quick of nails and cause bleeding.  One more disadvantage of clipper is that once you squeeze the handle, it can cause pinch and make your pets feel uncomfortable.

On the other hands, the first pro of grinder is that it is safer than clipper since you will slowly wear down the nails. The grinder also allows you to be able to create rounded smooth nails. Grinder can be use for all age of rabbits. It even can work well with large, thick nails.

However, the drawback of grinder is it makes noise and can scare your rabbits. Using grinder to trim rabbit nails also create lots of dust. You should do it outside.

Best chinchilla foods: Important note when choosing chinchillas foods

July 27, 2020Tom Lieb0

If you are reaching for chinchilla food, you will realize that there are many different products available. While some best chinchilla foods are designed to provide your pet chinchillas with all the essential nutrients that they require. But it is not enough.

If you are really care about the overall health of your chinchillas, this post are about some important factors that you should pay attention when choosing chinchillas food and feeding them.

#1 What food that chinchilla should never eat?

Do not overlook the ingredients should never be included on your chinchillas food. Some foods that contain high sugar level and high moisture level can be damaging to your chinchilla’s health.

The excess sugar can lead to the rick of being illness for chinchillas. Diabetes, hyperglycemia, and hypoglycemia are all risks when feeding a sugary diet. Chinchillas come from a dry climate; they only need to eat a very dry diet. Excess moisture in their food from lots of fruit and vegetables can lead to bloating.

Beside, fats also should be avoided. Nut and seeds are high in fat, so you should control the amount of them while feeding your pets. A diet high in fat can make your chinchillas become prone to ailments like fatty liver disease and obese.

Furthermore, some food that never feed you chinchillas are sunflower seeds, leafy greens, broccoli, avocado, banana, peas, etc.

#2 what you should do if you ran out of chinchilla food?

The ideal pallets formulate specifically for chinchillas that is 16-20 % protein, low in fat (2-5 %), and high in fiber (15-35 %). In the case if chinchilla food is ran out, you can substitute a good pellet food for rabbit or guinea pig with similar characteristics and nutrient as above.

But it is should be use only in emergency situation, when you cannot get the quality chinchilla food immediately. This is because chinchillas have a different digestion system that is much more sensitive than other rodents.

#3 How much treats should chinchilla be fed?

Chinchillas should be provided just some good treats. They can eat at maximum a teaspoon of treats a day. Your chinchilla may fall in love with dried fruit. The dry fruit is shrinks down, but the sugar content is still there. Thus they should be provides in very small quantities and occasionally.

Some other treats that great for chinchillas are hibiscus, dried rose hips, and dandelion leaves. Beside, twigs and branches also tasty treat for your pet. But you have to make sure that they are safe trees for chinchilla and free of pesticides and other toxins.

Best incubators: OppsDecor Egg Incubator vs TAIMIKO Egg Incubator

June 14, 2020Tom Lieb0

The incubator is work for hatch eggs artificially. With the best incubators, you will get high-quality chicks from many different eggs such as chicken, goose, duck, reptiles, etc.

This method of hatching egg will mimic the environment condition of the brooding hen as the egg need for hatching successfully.

But if you feel overwhelmed due to many options available out there. This post is a review of the two best chicken incubator 2020 that will help you narrow down your choice: OppsDecor Egg Incubator vs TAIMIKO Egg Incubator.

#1 The number of eggs

Determine how many eggs you plant to hatch at once will help you choose the right incubator for your needs. Since incubators out there are designed to contain only a few eggs from up to a few thousand eggs.

OppsDecor Egg Incubator is a premium-quality egg incubator. This device is suitable for skillful users, who have had the experience of hatching eggs. This incubator will allow you to incubate as many as 56 chicken eggs. Due to this, OppsDecor is a perfect fit for both home use and commercial use.

TAIMIKO is the portable incubator, which allows you to hatch 10 chicken eggs at once with a high success rate. This model is perfect for newbies, who want to get started with a few eggs.

#2 Temperature & Humidity

Some incubators have an automatic humidity gauge and temperature thermometer. While others do not contain them some you will have to but separately. To hatching successful, chicken eggs require temperature levels around 99 to 102 degrees.

OppsDecor Egg incubator comes with automatic temperature control. It also offers the LED control panel, which provides you with a bunch and useful information.

With this display, you will be able to see the temperature, humidity level, hatching days, etc. Moreover, OppsDecor offers a built-in fan, which will ensure that the ventilation will disperse the heat evenly inside the incubator.

TAIMIKO offers automatic temperature control that will ensure the proper temperature for the hatching process. Like OppsDecor incubator, this model also provides a convenient LED display, which shows all the information and allows you to control some aspects of the incubation process.

The quiet big fan built-in works to disperse the heat evenly throughout the incubation area. However, the drawback is that this incubator does not come with a humidity gauge, you will need to buy one separately.

Best filter for betta: Penn Plax Cascade vs Aqueon Quiteflow

June 14, 2020Tom Lieb0

Just like any other fish, Betta fish need clean water and a good water condition for the well-being, avoid disease and deterioration problems.

The best filter for betta will help to prevent the build-up of harmful microorganisms of organic chemicals from the waste, dead plants, excess food. Due to this, a filter will reduce the effort that you have to pay for cleaning the tank.

In this post, you will walk through the detail of two popular filters: Penn Plax Cascade Hang-on Aquarium Filter vs Aqueon Quietflow Internal Power Filter. Considering these filters, you may get the best filter for your setup.

#1 Flow rate

The first important thing when choosing the fish tank filter is to consider if this filter can work for your tank or not. The filter flow rate that you need also depends on your tank size.

Ideally, for the best result, you should get the filter that can cycle through all of the water in the tank at least 3 times per hour. For example, if you have 5 gallons tank, you may get the filter with a low rate at least 15 gallons per hour.

Penn Plax filter can cycle 20 gallons of water every hour, which means it can handle a small tank up to 7 gallons. Aqueon Quietflow with the low rate is 57 gallons per hour, the manufacturer recommends using it for 10 gallons tank.

#2 Flow power

Betta fish prefer to live with low flow power. In the tank with too strong power rate, betta fish tend to get stress and cannot swim around.

Due to that, it is always better to get an adjustable filter. The best fish tank filters should allow you easy to control the flow power, or you will have to adjust the flow power by some other manual solution.

Penn Plax filter offers the adjustable knob, that you can easily increase or decrease the water flow. It is especially helpful during feeding times. Aqueon QuietFlow even allows users to control the flow rate, direction and height of the water.

#3 Media Filtration

Penn Plax provides three stages of filtration in an aquarium. The first stage of filtration is to use the poly fiber floss to traps any floating particulate matter such as the pieces of dirt and debris that contain in the water.

Then the activated carbon will absorb any impurities that discolor the water and reduces foul odors from your aquarium’s water. There is also the home for the growth of beneficial bacteria that proves the biological filtration for remove ammonia and nitrates.

Aqueon Quiteflow filter also offers 3 stages of filtration. The dense foam will trap all the particles and debris that float in the water. Then the activated charcoal does the task of remove toxins, discoloration and odors. Finally, the patented BioGrid reduces ammonia and nitrates.